Our Torrance, CA Location is At:

23456 Hawthorne Blvd
Suite #140
Torrance, CA 90505

Open in Google Maps
Phone: 310-507-9322

There is free parking available on-site.

Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm

We can also work with you to schedule appointments off our usual hours if needed.

Private Infusion Suites Parking Available Bilingual

You have a choice where you receive your treatment and you deserve the best. At Infusion for Health, we are the only infusion center in Southern California offering fully private, individual suites. We have convenient infusion therapy centers throughout Southern California, including Torrance where we offer top quality care for patients living with chronic illnesses.

Our Torrance infusion therapy center offers a relaxing and affordable alternative to treatments in hospitals, pharmacies, and home infusion.


We offer more than 45 injections and infusions to treat and manage chronic illnesses, from Multiple Sclerosis to pioneering treatments for Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

You can view the full list of therapies offered here.  Your doctor can provide a referral directly through our physicians’ portal and we will work with you and your physician to schedule your appointment.


We pride ourselves in offering “white glove service” to our Torrance patients.

In your personalized suite, you will have access to endless warm blankets; entertainment options including Wi-Fi, iPads, and flat screen televisions; and access to free snacks and drinks.

Our medical team will monitor you throughout your visit. We purposefully keep our patient-to-staff ratio low so that patients get the attention they deserve.

After your appointment, we will follow-up with you for feedback to ensure you are satisfied. This allows us to improve our service continually. We want our patients to get the best.

Further, we will share your treatment notes with your physician, ensuring continuity of care.

Schedule an Appointment at Our
Torrance, CA Location

Booking an appointment for infusion therapy at our convenient location in Torrance is fast and straightforward. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Talk to your doctor about your treatment options. They can view and download the required therapy-specific order form on our website. Your physician can send us your referral and insurance information directly.
  • Our team will liaise with your doctor and insurer to get the approvals needed to cover your cost of care. If any issues arise, we will get in touch with you.
  • We will call you to schedule an appointment for infusion therapy in Torrance. We will also inform you of any out-of-pocket costs before your appointment.

Once you have your appointment, you can start to prepare for your visit. Need to cancel? Don’t worry about it: We offer no-hassle scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellations for your convenience.

If you have questions about our services or want to book an appointment, call us at (805) 719-3700 or contact us via the online form.

Infusion For Health offers exceptional infusion therapy services in comfortable, convenient, and safe locations throughout the U.S.