Welcome to Infusion for Health’s Antioch location. Located in Antioch’s vibrant core, our dedicated medical infusion center staff offers personalized care, ensuring a secure, private, and tranquil setting for our patients. Driven by a steadfast commitment to excellence, Infusion for Health is passionate about offering leading the leading medical infusion treatments to our patients in Antioch and the surrounding areas.

What Sets Us Apart

At Infusion for Health, our primary goal is to deliver unparalleled patient care. We engage in close partnerships with your healthcare provider to offer an infusion therapy treatment plan that aims to elevate your overall quality of life.

Our centers offer fully private treatment suites outfitted with custom-designed recliners, free Wi-Fi connectivity, a diverse range of entertainment choices, refreshments, and snacks during your treatment. Infusion for Health offers advanced medical therapies, including IV antibiotics, immunoglobulin treatments, chemotherapy, and biologic interventions.


Navigating to our Center From Downtown Antioch:

Schedule an Appointment at Our
Antioch, CA Location

To make an appointment, have your physician complete the therapy-specific order form. We will manage the insurance approvals process with your physician and insurer. This usually takes two to three days. Once this is done, we will contact you directly to schedule an appointment at our convenient location in Antioch, CA. Find out how you can prepare for your visit.

If you have questions about our services or want to book an appointment, call us at (925) 282-4384 or via the online form.

Infusion For Health offers exceptional infusion therapy services in comfortable, convenient, and safe locations throughout the U.S.