Infusion for Health is the leading adult and pediatric medical infusion therapy provider in Oakland, California. We offer our patients an “all in one” solution that begins with VIP-level care. We even have a pharmacy enabling onsite prescription fulfillment for over 45 specialty infusion treatments, oral medications and self-administered injections for those battling chronic conditions and autoimmune disorders. Committed to pioneering excellence in healthcare, we ensure that our Oakland patients have access to cost-effective, top-of-the-line treatment options. Our team of expert nurses are dedicated to providing outstanding, empathetic care, guaranteeing  exceptional support throughout your treatment experience.


Infusion for Health proudly stands at the forefront of specialty infusion care in California. We place your well-being and satisfaction above all else. Each of our private infusion suites is outfitted with specially designed reclining chairs, an assortment of free snacks, and a diverse selection of entertainment options to ensure a comfortable experience. With a portfolio of more than 45 specialized infusion therapies, we deliver top-of-the-line care for a range of conditions including Asthma, Psoriatic Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and Migraines.


Our healthcare team’s dedication ensures the best care during treatment. We also maintain a seamless communication channel with your healthcare provider, ensuring a continuum of care. With over 4,000 5-star reviews, contact us today to learn why Infusion for Health is the best care provider in Northern California.

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To make an appointment, have your physician complete the therapy-specific order form. We will manage the insurance approval process with your physician and insurer. This usually takes two to three days.

Once this is done, we will contact you directly to schedule an appointment at our convenient location in Oakland, CA.

Find out how you can prepare for your visit. If you have questions about our services or want to book an appointment, call us at (510) 306-2648 or via the online form.

Infusion For Health offers exceptional infusion therapy services in comfortable, convenient, and safe locations throughout the U.S.